50 Inspiring 30 Day Challenge Ideas

November 1, 2016

50 Inspiring 30 Day Challenge Ideas | @2inspiredaily

If your “someday” list is starting to get a little out of hand, you might want to consider trying a 30 day challenge. These type of challenges are perfect mini boot camps for tackling just one area in your life you’d like to improve. It can be anything from practicing art techniques to cleaning up one area of your home a day. The power of the 30 day challenge is that there is an end to it. You’re not committed to keeping up a particular habit indefinitely if you don’t want to and it’s perfect for catching up on areas that you might have let slide. As a bonus, 30-day challenges are so popular you may even find a group of people online to follow along with for extra support.

Before the next month starts, take a minute and make the commitment to work on one new area of your life! To help get you started, here are a few ideas!

  1. Draw a doodle everyday.
  2. Meditate/memorize on a quote/spiritual verse every day.
  3. Take a photo every day. – your food, your desk space, your outfit, the same place outdoors, your pet, etc.
  4. Write 500 words every day.
  5. Outline a new article every day.
  6. Read a chapter of a educational or self-help book every day.
  7. Learn one thing new every day.
  8. Write a list of things every day.
  9. Come up with ten new ideas every day.
  10. Try a new recipe every day.
  11. Try a new yoga pose or exercise every day.
  12. Eat clean / cut out processed food.
  13. Listen to a new song every day.
  14. Create art on an index card every day.
  15. Make something new/creative every day.
  16. Eat something new every day.
  17. Write a poem every day.
  18. Read a new poem every day.
  19. Learn a new word every day.
  20. Clean or declutter one area of your home every day.
  21. Listen to a podcast every day.
  22. Write in a journal every day.
  23. Write down something you’re thankful for every day.
  24. Read a new article every day.
  25. Eat something different for a specific meal every day.
  26. Try a new cologne/perfume/makeup/shaving cream every day.
  27. Watch a movie every day.
  28. Watch a TED Talk every day.
  29. Try a new drink every day.
  30. Try a new art/craft medium/tool every day.
  31. Write something positive every day.
  32. Send a letter to someone every day.
  33. Do a random act of kindness every day.
  34. Say “yes” to one thing every day.
  35. Wear a different outfit every day.
  36. Note at least one positive thing that happened each day.
  37. Make a new contact every day.
  38. Volunteer or help someone every day.
  39. Complete a no-spend month.
  40. Study a new art design/artists every day.
  41. Study a new author/poet every day.
  42. Do a new dance every day.
  43. Do something that makes someone smile every day.
  44. Learn about a new country/culture every day.
  45. Play a new song on a musical instrument every day.
  46. Keep a food or fitness journal for a month.
  47. Do daily brain training exercises.
  48. Follow a morning or evening routine for 30 days.
  49. Only check email and social media twice a day for 30 days.
  50. Watch a funny video every day.