52 Sources of Inspiration

September 9, 2016

52 sources of inspiration

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” –Zig Ziglar

It’s simple to think that just by having a clear and concise goal, it will be easy to meet it. However, what sometimes gets overlooked is that it’s incredibly easy to get distracted. Let’s face it, our world is basically made up of constant distractions designed to perfectly capture our attention. One way to keep yourself aligned with whatever it is you are wanting to achieve is to stay in the “inspiration zone.” That means constantly filling up your creativity funnel to help fuel your excitement and passion towards your end goal. It’s much easier to get moving on tasks that you might not want to confront when you are excited and “in the zone.”

When you’re looking for a little boost of inspiration, try one of these ideas to get you going. Better yet, keep that inspiration going by trying one new idea each week for a year!

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Look for lost change on the ground.
  3. Feed a homeless person.
  4. Switch up an art form – instead of drawing, try taking photos.
  5. Try a new art medium. (Use color pencils instead of paint.)
  6. Create a handwritten font.
  7. Plant something.
  8. Visit local gardens.
  9. Discover a new fact.
  10. Read a novel.
  11. Call someone for a chat.
  12. Meet someone for coffee.
  13. Shadow a friend at work for the day.
  14. Go somewhere new.
  15. Learn about the history of your town or one close by.
  16. Find local/nearby ghost towns.
  17. Learn to code.
  18. Read up on project management techniques.
  19. Learn about the life of someone inspirational.
  20. Compete in a competition.
  21. Visit our inspirational quotes section.
  22. Find something positive that happened in your area and tell someone about it.
  23. Find something that needs fixing and fix it.
  24. Listen to your old CDs.
  25. Watch an inspirational movie.
  26. Learn a new skill.
  27. Try a new style of food.
  28. Check out some new boards on Pinterest.
  29. Find something you have not seen before in your local area.
  30. Change your daily routine.
  31. Do one thing that your ideal self would be doing right now.
  32. Create a paper craft.
  33. Make a gift for someone.
  34. Say thank you to a friend.
  35. Treat someone to a meal or a day out.
  36. Finish something you keep avoiding on your to-do list.
  37. Make a five year plan.
  38. Try a new sport.
  39. Go to a local play or art exhibit.
  40. Window shop at a local art or hobby store. Learn about one new tool/technique.
  41. Read a motivational book.
  42. Plan a future or dream trip.
  43. Thank five people in your life.
  44. Write a list of ten interesting facts about yourself.
  45. Clean out an area that’s “messy” in your life – physically or emotionally.
  46. Read autobiographies of people you admire.
  47. Say daily affirmations.
  48. Watch a Ted Talk.
  49. Take a few minutes and imagine yourself living your dream or goal.
  50. Handwrite and actually mail a letter to someone.
  51. Make an inspiration/vision board.
  52. Write a journal entry only stating everything positive that happened to you over the last week.